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Cancer patients and their doctors often face agonizing trade-offs in the fight against cancer ‒ but hope is here. Cutting edge technology from Proton Calibration Technologies (PCT) puts more options at the fingertips of radiation oncologists to help improve patient outcomes while reducing treatment costs. PCT is on a mission to take the fight against cancer to the next level with our precise, proven, and proprietary technology.

Proton computed tomography (pCT) is not only transformative enabling technology for cancer treatment. It will revolutionize how cardiac ablation is performed using proton beams. No longer will patients have to endure hours under anesthesia and internal bleeding. With pCT, durable ablation of cardiac arrhythmia can be performed without anesthesia and in less than half an hour.

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Our key insight is that pCT requires a different imaging algorithm. PCT’s novel, patent-pending proprietary algorithm provides a highly accurate direct measurement of proton stopping powers within 0.1% of the true value for each 1 millimeter voxel within the 3D region of interest. PCT is currently vetting strategic technology partnership opportunities to help make this cutting edge medical imaging modality available to proton beam therapy centers around the world.


Here is a chance to be in on the next 3D medical imaging system. Looking to the past, we can see that those who recognized the future potential of X-ray CT and MRI early in development were rewarded. Rarely do such ground-floor opportunities occur again. pCT will enable a major advance in the fight against cancer and facilitate the introduction of a new modality to ablate cardiac arrhythmia.


“Proton therapy installations will be keen on acquiring pCT imaging systems as these will significantly increase the precision of treatment, throughput, and therefore overall profitability.”

Dimitri Alex Dimitroyannis, PhD Chief, Radiotherapy Physics Hines VA Hospital, Chicago IL

“RDI will support commercialization of this important pCT technology by developing beam position and fluence imaging instrumentation based on our hardware and reconstruction techniques. ”

Evgeny Galyaev, PhD - Founder, CEO, Radiation Detection and Imaging (RDI) Technologies, Tempe AZ

“Clinical utility of a pCT system would be in several proton therapy use cases including standard fractionation, hypo-fractionation, stereotactic body RT (SBRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).”

Aashish Bhatt M.D., Associate Medical Director - Proton Therapy (former), UH Seidman Cancer Center, Cleveland OH

“I believe that proton beam is going to play an important role in the ablation of cardiac arrhythmia. In this application, it will be important to eliminate range uncertainty for ablation of a small target volume, and I believe that proton CT will be the key technology needed for imaging and planning this treatment.”

Joe Y. Chang, MD, PhD, FASTRO - Professor - Director of SABR Program, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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